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Find out more about garage door openers and how to choose new systems and accessories with the following tips

Get rid of scraping sounds by fixing the tracks

If your garage door is producing scraping sounds, then the tracks must have got loosened up. You need to tighten them and align them properly. Tighten any other door parts which seem loose as well. Apply some lubricant to ensure smooth operation.  If it's too complicated, it's best to contact our garage door repair company in Banning for further help.

Inspect garage door cables based on three main points

The task of the inspection is to check whether the cables have come to the end of their useful life. Our specialists in garage door repair in Banning say you have to watch out for faded color, tattering and fragility. Pay special attention to the edges.

Opt for an opener with a DC motor for quieter operation

These motors produce much less noise compared to the traditional AC ones. They have a range of other benefits as well. These include smoother operation and higher responsiveness. These motors are better at adjusting their speed and this allows for greater reliability. Furthermore, they use less energy to run, all other things being equal.

Hide remote controls away from prying eyes

If your garage door operates using a remote control, be sure to keep the remote safe from the prying eyes of potential burglars. Never leave your remote in an unlocked car, and even if the car is locked, keep it out of sight so it cannot be seen from the outside. And to make sure your door stays in perfect shape during the harsh winter months, give our professionals a call for maintenance or any repairs to keep your door operating perfectly during the cold winter season.

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