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Garage Door Maintenance

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Smoothly Working Hardware Parts

Garage Door MaintenanceAdjusting the torsion spring’s tension is part of our job, in case our tests reveal that there's a need for that. Then we will lubricate it properly. If our inspection shows that a cable is worn or damaged, rely on us to install a new one without delay. With proper adjustment of your tracks and removal of any obstructions, they will work flawlessly the risk of bending will be reduced. With proper lubrication of the spring, hinges and rollers, you will have a smoothly and quietly working door.

Safe and Reliable Opener Performance

We will also test the opener’s force and safety sensors. Usually, the force requires readjustment on a seasonal basis. If the sensors have failed, we’ll replace them quickly. The next step involves lubricating the opener’s components and namely the drive, if it is made from metal, and the sections where the trolley touches the rail while moving (where there's friction). Our garage door maintenance service covers all components without exception.

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