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This is a top garage door FAQ page. It has been carefully designed to give you good information.

How should a new garage door be chosen?

There are many ways to choose the best garage door. Banning experts suggest that you should just follow what your heart wants. Find something that is pleasing to the eyes, as well as sturdy. It should also benefit the security of your home.

When is the best time for garage door inspection?

If possible, garage door inspection must be done monthly. This will help avoid problems from happening. If there are potential problems, they could be solved immediately. It also makes you spend less since major garage door repair can be very expensive.

How does the safety beam work?

According to our experts, the safety beam uses infrared technology to detect movement or presence inside the garage door. This helps prevent accidents by stopping the mechanism if a person, for example, may get in the way while the garage door is moving. Note that it should be installed properly for it to work effectively.

Are rollers easily replaced?

It's not hard to replace garage door rollers as long as you have some knowledge about how garage doors work, the right precautions you must take and how to remove the old rollers. Since these are crucial garage door parts, don't engage in such tasks if you have doubts. It will be easier to rely on our technicians who will finish the job fast.

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