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How To Take Care Of The Garage Door Torsion Spring

03/13/2014 Back To Blog

How To Take Care Of The Garage Door Torsion SpringIf a garage door torsion spring is not fitted on the door, it cannot work. The spring is the one that controls the opening and the closing of the door. Garage door torsion spring replacement does not mean that you cannot take care of the spring. When you replace a spring, you have made your garage safer but you need to learn how to take care of it. Garage door contractors are many in California and they can be easily reached incase you want to be helped. Below are some few ways that you can take care of the spring.

Replace it after a number of years

As much as the spring is made of steel, it needs to be replaced after it has been used for some years. The more you open your garage door is the more the life expectancy of your spring reduces. When you look at most garage doors in Banning, they have a lot of problems simply because the spring has not been replaced. Before you replace it, a garage door contractor needs to come and measure the length of the cable that was used to make it. For your information, garage door parts are sold at very expensive prices to the consumers so you better buy it through a garage door company

Avoid touching it

The spring is made under high tension such that when you touch it, it can spring up and hurt you. When you are doing any kind of garage door maintenance, you need to do it skillfully. As you will learn for the contractor, if the spring remains untouched for, it will not breaks easily. The best way to ensure that the spring is not touched is for you to be the one who cleans the garage door parts. If you do not trust your hands, call a more skilled person to do it for you.

Do not try to replace the garage door torsion spring

It is dangerous for you to try and do it. The spring needs to be handled with a lot of care. When the springs break during the replacement, it might hurt you. Let the contractors to do what they do best. You will realize that when they handle the replacement, it takes a few minutes.

Lubricate the spring system

The spring is made of steel and you need to be lubricating it from time to time. Instead of using your hands, you can try and use a bottle to pour the lubricating oil.

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